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Will McCoy Joins Advisory Board, Will Create 100K EV Charging Infrastructure Professionals by 2030

Will McCoy has joined the Advisory Board at Cincinnati based EV infrastructure company EdgeEnergy. Will is the Founder and CEO of Vehya a Detroit based company focused on delivering EV charging solutions that are designed for business, government entities, and homeowners. The company makes choosing and installing EV chargers simple and cost effective. Will is focused on training new EV charging professionals. This is important because, with more than 130 million homes and 30 million businesses, there are less than 1 million licensed electricians in the U.S., according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. EdgeEnergy is joining with Vehya in a commitment to create more than 100,000 new EV Charging and electrical professionals in the U.S. by 2030. “With new investments and support from the states and federal government – we can identify, train, and deploy the workforce needed to get and keep America going all-electric. The future of our planet depends on it”, says Will.

“Having Will join our Advisory board is a perfect fit,” says Greg York, President and Founder of EdgeEnergy. “We share a common goal of an equitable and sustainable future built around the EV charging industry. Will has already had an impact on how our team is thinking about our company as we work to deploy charging infrastructure in places without sufficient power infrastructure and we are looking forward to his participation in future projects as we continue to scale our company. Vehya’s online platform that helps EV professionals connect with installation opportunities, helps reduce the time it takes for consumers to find and EV installer and fits well with our product that can be delivered in just a few weeks and eliminates the need for costly power upgrades to install DC fast chargers.”

“As we head into the future where almost everything will depend on renewable energy, companies like EdgeEnergy and Vehya must work together to build and support the infrastructure we need for an equitable and carbon-neutral future,” said McCoy.

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