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Former Volvo Cars Chief Brand Office Joins EdgeEnergy

Bob Jacobs, for Chief Brand Officer for the Americas for Volvo Cars has joined the Advisory Board at Cincinnati based EV infrastructure company EdgeEnergy. Bob led the turnaround of the iconic auto brand and repositioned it for an electrified future. He also spent 6 years leading market and guest experience for the Sheraton and Westin Brands at Starwood Hotels after spending more than 20 years with consumer products giant Procter and Gamble where he led marketing for brands like Crest, Pampers, and Duracell in both the US and Western Europe. “I am thrilled to join the innovative team at EdgeEnergy,” says Bob. “This solution is how we are going to extend fast charging solutions to edge-of-grid locations across the U.S. and globally. Now we can deploy the infrastructure we need faster and at a lower cost and get the U.S. to our EV adoption goals.”

“We are excited to welcome Bob to our team,” says Greg York President and Founder of EdgeEnergy. “Bob’s experience in creating great customer experience around iconic brands and his knowledge around the EV industry from leading the brand redevelopment of one of the world’s leading auto makers as they shift to electric vehicles will be very valuable to us as we scale EdgeEnergy into the largest providers of charging infrastructure solutions in the U.S. and beyond.”

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