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EdgeEnergy Empowers the Future of Electric Mobility (TechOhio)

Just a few years ago, the use of electric vehicles was still on the rise, but recently they have exploded in popularity. Now, it’s common to see many electric vehicles out on the road and the need for easily available DC fast chargers to power them has become paramount. So how can we harness our existing infrastructure to keep up with the rapidly growing popularity of electric vehicles? Cincinnati-based EdgeEnergy has the solution, with technology that uses the existing power grid to install fast chargers.

“We began with our core technology, which is a mechanical solution,” said Ben Morris, vice president of sales and marketing. “It’s a large horsepower single-phase electric motor that turns a three-phase generator. That, combined with software we’ve designed, allows it to communicate with a charging station. The next evolution of that technology is digital. We’ve now moved to a solid state digital converter that allows for a larger kilowatt output and generates more power. It allows us to serve larger charging stations, have an integrated battery and provides bidirectional charging for distributed energy storage.”

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