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EdgeEnergy Announces New Director of Strategic Partnerships

EdgeEnergy has named Laura Boné as their new Director of Strategic Partnerships. With a decade of industry experience, Laura has supported the development of many early and late-stage electric

vehicle and mobility companies in North America, Europe, and the UK. Amassing a wealth of hands-on knowledge in launching emerging technologies to market for all types of passenger and commercial electric vehicles, EV infrastructure and charging networks, TaaS and emerging future mobility startups.

Laura's extensive experience in building new markets for electric mobility with companies like EV Connect and EVBOX makes her an ideal value-add consultant for EdgeEnergy’s partners, including EV OEM's, EV charging companies, fleets, utilities, schools, energy companies and government agencies. Laura has many years of field-based market expertise in bringing electrified mobility technologies to rural and disadvantaged communities. This experience will accelerate EdgeEnergy’s introduction to stakeholders, to resolve the many long-standing challenges of building DC Fast charging networks in rural regions and parks of North America and around the world.

“I am thrilled to join the EdgeEnergy team,” says Laura. “This technology is how we are going to deploy fast charging solutions at edge-of-grid locations across the U.S. and globally. Now we can deploy the infrastructure we need faster and at a lower cost and get the U.S. to our EV adoption goals.”

“We are excited to welcome Laura to our team,” says Greg York President and Founder of EdgeEnergy. “This new position will allow us to continue to expand our relationships with partners and pursue new partnerships as part of our strategic growth strategy. Laura is fast becoming and integral part of our plans for growth in 2022.”


About EdgeEnergy: EdgeEnergy is the maker of EdgeEV a power source that allows for the installation if EV Fast Chargers in edge-of-grid locations using existing single-phase power infrastructure. This innovation creates opportunity to expand EV Charging infrastructure into rural and remote areas of America and solves the greatest barrier to EV adoption - range anxiety.

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